Product Description

The SCD shear beam load cell has been developed for use in high capacity, compression type electronic weight and force measurement applications in industrial environments. The precise and rugged SCD load cell offers high resistance to side forces and overload conditions. The SCD load cells are suitable for severe industrial conditions and they find application in high capacity vehicle scales, platform scales, tank weighing systems, automatic weighing instruments and process weighing applications. With its steel alloy construction coated with corrosion-retardant paint as well as its strain gauge area welded with a stainless steel cover, SCD is protected to IP68 standards meaning that they are fully immersible. Main problem in truck scales is side forces. Platform elongation due to thermal expansion of temperature differences between summer and winter change and platform deformation due to load distribution causes errors in measurement. In both cases, the load cells which are placed perpendicular to the ground becomes athwart and may cause measurement error. With thanks to the patented angle compensation Technology of Esit, vertical deflection angle of the load cell is detected via sensors to ensure an accurate weight measurement. The SCD digital load cell has fault and warning flags to notify its status to devices connected to the load cell. Therefore, the master device can detect the normal operation of the loadcell and take the necessary precautions for fault situations.


  • Certified to OIML R60 standards
  • Welded hermetic sealed body
  • Hermetic-sealed strain gauge area
  • Heavy duty
  • IP68 industrial protection
  • Installation angle compensation
  • CANBUS / RS485 communication
  • Measurement error and faulty detection
  • 24 bit A/D converter

Technicial Specifications


Model Capacities Minumum Division Max. Safe Overload
SCD 10 10000 kg 250 g 15000g
SCD 20 20000 kg 500 g 30000g


Maximum capacities (Emax)  kg 10000,20000
Accuracy class (OIML R 60)  
C3 C6 C10
Maximum number of verification intervals(esit nlc)  
3000 6000 10000
Minimum verification interval (vmin)  
Emax/25000 Emax/30000 Emax/40000
Combined error  %
≤ ±0.04 ≤ ±0.02 ≤ ±0.012
Creep error over 30 min.(DR)  %Emax
≤ ±0.020 ≤ ±0.015 ≤ ±0.005
Maximum safe overload  %Emax 150
Maximum safe sideload  %Emax 100
Ultimate load  %Emax 300
Stretching(Emaxyükte)  mm ≤ 0.3
Excitation voltage(Umax) V 12-24
Excitation Current mA 40
Output signal (at nominal load) Sayım 200000
Analog/Digital converter (sigma delta) bit 24
Analog/Dijital converter speed Hz 6 to 800 configurable
Asynchronous communication speed Baud CANOpen 500kbps, Modbus 115.200 kbps
Data interface   CANOpen or Modbus
Angle measurement error Degree 0.1
Insulation voltage V 2500
Compensated temperature range °C -10...+40
Operating temperature range °C -40...+70
Load cell material   Stainless Steel
Sealing (EN60529)   IP68
Weight  kg  10
Package dimensions / weight cm/kg 25x25x18 / 10.3