Galvanized Isolated Load Cell Amplifier

Product Description

Esit TR-4, is a micro processor based transmitter that processes the load cells signals to be used in the industry. It is used as a signal converter for PLC or similar industrial control devices in weighing, batching, level control and process control applications. With a user settable relay output, it is possible to control stand-alone systems of simple on-off, fill-empty automations. The rail-mounting case forms an integrity with other panel components and eases the connections. The device which is aimed for industrial environments, features a three-way galvanic isolation. This eliminates the risk of breakdowns of load cells against leakage currents and the output stability is not affected by the electrical noises. Since all adjustments are done via keys, the drifts that may be seen with the potentiometric elements are ceased.


  • Three-way galvanic isolation
  • Internal power supply for current output eliminates need for external power supply
  • Relay state indication
  • 0-20 mA Current and 10V Voltage output
  • Analog output (4-20 mA)
  • Analog output (0-5 V)


  • Communication Modules
    • RS232&RS485/RS422 Serial Communication Card (Modbus)
    • Modbus TCP Communication Card
  • Input-Output Modules
    • Built-in 4-Relay Card
    • Analog 4-20 mA/0-10V output (16 bit)
  • Other
    • Optional Wi-fi and Bluetooth

Technicial Specifications


Accuracy class (OIML approved) 0.03
A/D conversion 24bit Sigma-Delta
Conversion rate 6Hz - 400Hz
Current output (load impedance) < 500 ohm
Voltage output (load impedance) > 5k ohm
Number of Loadcells allowed 8 pcs (350ohm)
Analog input range 1 mV/V - 2 mV/V - 5 mV/V - 160mV/V (selectable)
Load cell excitation voltage 5V
Isolation voltage  
Power Supply- Load cell                                                                     1.5 kV
Power Supply- Output signal                                                                     1.5 kV
Load cell - Output signal 1.5kV
Operating temperature range 0°C +50°C
Storing temperature range -20°C +70°C
Power supply 24V DC (18V … 36 V) - 5W
Keys and display  
Keys 3 tactile keys, 0.91" Oled Panel
Material and protection class Rail mounted plastic, IP20
Weight 0.15kg
Package weight and dimensions 0.2kg 13x8x3 cm
Standard Optional
Serial communication output
RS-232/RS-485 RS-422
Parallel printer output
- -
Binary (BCD) output
- -
Remote display output
- -
Digital input / output
2 relay output 2A -
Analog output
4-20mA ve 0-10V -
- Bluetooth
- Wi-fi